My painting developed out of the coloured designs exploring ideas for printmaking. To develop the continuation of the print as a coloured multi-plate print, a proof print of the first line etching would be overworked with watercolour and gouache and drawing with coloured pencil or graphite. These sketches for the colour etchings became paintings in their own right.
Through watercolour painting I discovered water-based acrylic paint, which dries quickly. I never had much fun with oil paint; without the constant smell of the drying process and cleaning agents with oil painting, acrylic paint was a real joy. In my opinion, the lightfast acrylic paints, which can be applied quickly on top of each other in both wash and thick layers, are in no way inferior to oil painting, and even promote a more creative process of image discovery. My paintings are mainly done in acrylic on canvas.
Recently I have developed an enthusiasm for oil pastel.
Painting has always run parallel to the other media, references to my sculptures and printmaking can always be discovered. Thematically, my paintings wander between abstraction and figurative elements, depending on the current theme. Many works take up invented landscape motifs, which suggest a mood for the picture idea, whereby the human being or the group of people are the focus or they are completely removed. A specific landscape is not depicted.