2020 – Rose garden

Rosegarden / Soester Spring In spring 2020, I received a commission to create a painting for an unusual wall. The design was a challenge: three wall surfaces of different sizes, each at a 90° angle to the other, and unfolding virtually around the corner. The suggested subjects for the painting were the rose garden and the defence tower of Soest, a part of the old medieval wall. “Preferably a colourful painting”. Accepting the task and, after much pondering, I came up with an innovative, workable idea and presented the design using a model and a photomontage. “Go for it” was the brief approval to commence the painting. The idea was conceived in such a way that three canvases, of different sizes, were to be connected to each other according to the principle of a screen, to form a coherent continuous picture. The images shown in the background are the so-called “Kattenturm” a medieval fortified tower, part of the Soest wall complex near the “Ulrichertor”, on the edge of the rose garden. In the foreground, a cherry tree is in full bloom. The beautiful spring blossoms in Soest are famous. Magnificent roses in strong colours lead the eye up into the spreading branches of the cherry tree. Extending branches lead further across the second and third canvas. The light of the morning sun illuminates the tower, blue sky and pink cherry blossoms create a bright friendly mood in the painting. The painting’s application of colour is in a pointillist swirling manner, in the style of some of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings. This style, consistently used throughout the work, creates a lively, vibrant pictorial work.

Sequence of pictures: Wall corner, design sketch and model, creation of the picture, finished picture hung in the brewhouse of the Zwiebel brewery. (click on the picture to open the picture gallery)