Sculpture (Fine Art) was the basis of my artistic training in England. After emigrating to Germany with my wife in 1972, I devoted myself for many years just to printmaking with only brief excursions into sculpture. In 1996 I received a commission for a wall sculpture for the Adolf-Clarenbach-Haus in Soest. I rediscovered a lot of pleasure in the realisation of three-dimensional ideas. Shortly afterwards I set up my own workshop for metalwork; a cowshed that had just become vacant on a farm just outside Soest. A very productive phase making sculptures out of metal ensued: steel, stainless steel, bronze, smithed work, and welded incorporating a variety of metalworking techniques. I became immersed in the sculptural process, at the expense of my printmaking work that became less and less. A series of sculpture commissions followed; art on and in buildings, in public spaces as well as private ones. Some examples are listed below.