A complete overview of my work is possible by means of the two catalogues of works.

  • 1999 “Richard A. Cox – Monographie und Werkverzeichnis der Druckgrafik”; published by Dr. Martin Gesing, Westfälische Verlagsbuchhandlung Mocker & Jahn, Soest. ISBN 3-87902-504-52020
  • 2020 “Stand der Dinge” catalogue of artistic work 1972-2020; published by Richard A. Cox, Museum Wilhelm Morgner. Adendum to 2022 on the occasion of the exhibition of the same name at Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Soest, postponed due to Covid to June until September 2022.

About the inventory of works. This book was written on my own initiative. On the occasion of my 70th birthday and almost 50 years of artistic activities in Soest, it seemed an appropriate time to reflect on the past years of artistic endeavour. Dr. Norbert Wex, cultural adviser and archivist of the city of Soest, once said something on the lines of, “the most appropriate person to research artistic work is the artist himself”. I hereby present a catalogue of my works from 1972 to October 2020. All works, as far as they are documented, are listed in chronological order. Only earlier works that were not photographed or documented, or no longer exist, are missing.
The chronological sequence of images in the directory is accompanied by a few excerpts and quotations from various authors’ exhibition opening speeches and texts. Over the years, very competent people have been found who have spoken and written about me and my artistic activities. They give certain insights into the particular issues that have engaged me. Current work is discussed and gives an insight into my current artistic intentions. My creative development, my involvement with various artistic techniques, is well documented: from drawing, fine art printing, painting and finally back to sculpture.
My studies in England were largely devoted to sculpture and were only revived in Germany from 1996 onwards. Lately I have found pleasure in questioning and explaining my own works and activities. Some passages are also noted.
In the back of the book there is a biography, bibliography, list of authors and list of exhibitions.
The catalogue of works “STAND DER DINGE” was completed for the exhibition planned for December 2020 in the Museum Wilhelm Morgner, Soest, with the same title. Due to restrictions on the number of visitors and closure of the museum as a result of the Covid pandemic, the exhibition was cancelled and postponed until June 2022.
In the interim, many new works had been created. In order to do justice to the unchanged title of the exhibition and the catalogue of works, I added the missing works as an addendum.
The catalogue of works costs €50 and can be ordered from me (contact).