2019/20 – The nature of things

 The Nature of Things Throughout the day changes of light and darkness affect our visual and sensual awareness. Our perception of nature constantly varies, a never-ending source of inspiration. Throughout the year we experience the transition of seasons, of growth and change that nature displays in front of our eyes. Patterns and rhythms, colours and structures impress themselves on our understanding of the things of nature. The nature of things, perhaps the essential concept of nature is in the constant change of everything around us. When out with the dog, during a walk in the park or a stroll down town, we daily confront the world about us. Sensitive to fleeting impressions and observations, the artist, within the framework his of artistic criteria, strives to develop new artworks from ideas stimulated by nature, by what he or she sees. The current series of paintings is a direct result of these observations whilst strolling through country lanes, through fields of wheat, barley, rape or maize that change and grow till harvest leaves the field bare, ready for the next cycle of crops to reveal itself. Framed all the time by trees and plants along the path between the land and the sky. This is not an attempt to replicate or document natural phenomena, rather it is an interaction in a creative process, creating images spontaneously stimulated by these impressions, developing a visual language that captures the nature of things.
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