2021 – Variations

Over the last three years, I have examined the appearance of nature in my work: initially inspired by the landscape and vegetation in a work series “By the wayside”, to plant forms in “The nature of things”. As the work progresses there is an increased study of abstract structures and rhythms of nature. Naturally, the works are influenced by the presence of the pandemic.  Everything is in flux. A virus mutates spontaneously from a certain creative chaos thanks to the power of nature. To assign to it a structured order would perhaps be something artificial, something unnatural. Mutations are always changing. Everything is in perpetual change. The picture series “Variants” are variations of artistic representations of the microscopic appearance of a virus-like organism. The square detail is like the specimen slide of a microscope. I have limited the series to 12 pictures in order to create a certain order, to give my artistic reflections a framework, as a year is divided into the twelve months to create order. Growth and decay are the recurring transformations of nature in a year. The annually recurring natural times, movements of celestial bodies, summer and winter, heat and cold, etc., reflect a year in change. The 12 works, oil pastels on cardboard, are conceived as a group. The pictures all have the same format, the same technique, the same starting point and were created one after the other in twelve days. The paintings in their spontaneity are similar yet always different. The arrangement of the pictures does not matter, it is arbitrary, the pictures are interchangeable. By centering the picture in a square frame, it is possible by rotating the frame to vary the view of each picture. A top or bottom of the picture is not determined. The hanging of the individual picture is thus arbitrary, it is changeable. A rearrangement of the group is always possible.