Lichtfest in the Bergenthal Park

The Light Festival in the Bergenthal Park has become an integral part of the cultural landscape of the city of Soest since 2013. The light festival is scheduled as the final highlight of SoestArt. SoestArt, the cultural festival in Soest, takes place every two years. The Light Festival is a celebration of civic engagement, with many contributions from many intercultural groups. In 2014, 2016, 2018, and 2022 I was the artistic director. I selected the theme, a different one each year, which waschosen to allow a lot of room for creativity. I had designed some of my own light productions as well as coordinating the light art contributions from other artists. The professional lighting equipment was deployed in the park according to my specifications. I also supported the supervision of the participating schools and groups with their projects. Here are some impressions: