2003 Rad-Mandala / Wheel-Mandala

Rad-Mandala / Wheel-Mandala © Richard A. Cox 9.2003. Old bicycles were dismantled and the steel elements welded together to create the design of a large round mandala. ca. Ø 250 cm.  The fabrication was started open air, during an events-day with the theme of the bicycle, in front of the St. Petri Church, Soest. The event was disrupted by rain. The mandala was completed and displayed at a later date. Further exhibition places: Kunsthafen, Dortmund, eine innovative Kunstausstellung in einem umfunktionierten Hafen-Speicher am Stadthafen Dortmund. Starke Orte, Ruhr 2010 Turbinenhalle Bochum.