2002 – (Begegnung) Encounter

As part of the redesign of the Brüderstraße, the pedestrian precinct in Soest, an artistic design was to complement the surroundings of this site in the area of the former monastery of the Dominican Order. The tracing of the old monastery foundations made of small stones, forms a design framework and directs thoughts to the historical events of the monastery formerly at this location: to the past. Today, the precinct is full of life. The place has to do with people of the present and the future. A place of meetings and appointments, a place to meet and linger. People among themselves. Symbolic of this is the couple. The snapshot of an encounter, looking at each other intimately, in deep conversation with each other, exchanging ideas and plans for the future. The figures in the sculpture are represented in shadowy form. In terms of design, they seem to have grown together amorphously, body features and posture only typified, without depicting the physiognomy and physical characteristics of specific persons. Unfinished but developing is inherent in this pair. The unfinished points to the future, the constantly developing. The two figures as a unit are larger than life according to the model and drawing. The pair of figures leans in a relaxed manner against a standing table. The “standing table”, part of the sculpture, appears solid and steady in contrast to the light elegance of the figures; it refers in width, dimension and form to the wall ground plans of the old monastery and has been placed free-standing on one of the wide foundation rectangles (outer supporting pillars of the monastery masonry). The material of the table, Anröchter dolomite, is identical to the original quarry stone foundation and the masonry of the monastery. Through the choice of material and the determination of the location, an encounter between the new and the old takes place. The sculpture was erected in September 2002 in the Brüderstraße in Soest. Concept, design and completion of the steel figures made of stainless steel © Richard A. Cox 2002 Execution and installation of the stone table made of Anröchter dolomite, stonemason Düchting Soest, height approx. 230 cm.