2011- Lichtbogen / Lightarch

Lichtbogen The  First light art object in Soest.  An interactive light-sculpture within the old ramparts round Soest. The location of the arch of light is a junction in the moat, a passage through in the historic rampart complex of the city of Soest, which encompasses the old town, at the so-called “Beamten-Laufbahn”  the path leading to the extension of the “Steingraben”, a cobbled road just inside the old town. It can be seen as an entrance and exit, a threshold situation, as a connecting portal between the old town and the new residential area. The polished steel arch functions  as a modern gateway representing a connection and a transition from the old to the new. The arch is then a new gateway, a light gateway. It can be understood as part of a continuous circle, a steel  ring. Here, the image of the original encircling city walls is taken up, as well as the form of the tunnel confluence at the site. In daylight, throughout the day, the sky, sun and clouds are reflected in the polished surface: in other words, it is a light-art object by day. The interactive light concept at night provides a double experience of the object. It is not only that it becomes visible at dusk. Through the light, it can be seen  in a new context and perceived differently. The perception of the light sculpture only becomes possible through the actions of pedestrians, who are necessary to activate the lights at dusk. The unconscious participation of those who pass the arch is included within the concept of the artwork. A transition from dark/light to light/dark is achieved. A reference to the priority switching of the traffic lights for cyclists who wish to cross the nearby ring road, is made. The Artwork was sponsored by the “Volksbank Hellweg eG” and the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the light arch is a contribution to “Hellweg – a path of light”, a project of the towns and municipalities of the “Hellweg Region” in cooperation with the Centre for International Light Art, Unna. Material: Stainless steel arch, electricity, motion detector,