2018 – „Thomä-Schule Lesefibel“

Art Project, Thomä School Housing Park, Soest. On Thursday, 18 October 2018, the completion of the Thomä-Schule residential park was celebrated with new residents, craftsmen as well as the architect, investor and invited guests. The investor, Wilhelm Friesleben, Mayor Dr. Eckhard Ruthemeyer and architect Horst Holt spoke about the creation of the residential park. I spoke briefly about the creation of my sculpture „Thomä-Schule Lesefibel“. “Thomä School Reading Primer”.
The sculpture in the form of an oversized upright standing book, is placed in the old schoolyard of the school between two building complexes. The design of the sculpture emphasises the idea and form of a book; from a signal red upright spine, the construction fans out like several book pages. The protective cover of the upper and rear parts are in white to resemble the paper pages. The sides of the construction are open and provide access to the inside of the book. In the inner part is a seat that follows the fanning out of the pages. The sculpture “Reading Primer” refers to the former school building as a primary school and points to the first aids at the beginning of the educational path. The sculpture in the middle of the residential park offers the current residents a place to meet and communicate at their new beginning. The spine is covered on the inside with a translucent white panel; in the evening a diffuse light shines. When you sit there, the panel looks like an unwritten page.