2018 – At the end of the rainbow

At the End of the Rainbow, is a project design for the sculpture trail “Warpe – Land – Wege”, Samtgemeinde Grafschaft Hoya, Lower Saxony. After a competition, my design, together with six other artists, was selected for realisation.
A rainbow is an optical illusion, a phenomenon that connects man and nature. The respective appearance of a rainbow can be attributed to the observer at his or her individual standpoint. Another observer at a distant location sees a different rainbow, his rainbow. It is as though a dialogue with nature takes place. My sculpture could be understood as a homage to nature and to the special relationship of human beings to nature. Since the rainbow is a chimera of our visual experience and not an object, it is impossible to determine where a rainbow begins and ends. The end of a rainbow is therefore symbolic of unattainable goals or dream imagarey. My sculpture, “At the End of the Rainbow”, takes up the idea of where a rainbow ends or begins.
The sculpture was made and erected at the designated location on a country lane, part of the sculpture trail, near “Warpe”, municipality of “Hoya”, Lower Saxony. (November 2018). Material: steel tube bent, galvanised and coloured  according to the spectral colours of a rainbow. The highest point rises approx. 3.5 m from the ground. Construction and installation, Demandt, Liesborn