2015 – Growing Crystals

Growing Crystals Westfälische Salzwelten Bad Sassendorf. Commissioned to extend the interactive presentation of salt for the museum “ Wesfälische Salzwelten” in Bad Sassendorf. The light work “Growing Crystals” refers to the properties of a salt crystal “cube-shaped and transparent” and is positioned in the area which displays the origin and properties of salt. The object is like a large cube. The cube is whitish-transparent. The cube consists of several cubes inserted into each other.
White light radiates from the core cube, and while slowly pulsating light/dark, the cube lights up and darkens again, as if it is breathing in slumber, i.e. active. I have developed a pattern called “Flakes”, which could be reminiscent of small randomly formed flakes as in the crystal-forming of a nascent salt crystal. The Flakes pattern is attached to the respective cube faces. Different self-adhesive foils: reflective and white-translucent, they are used to create the crystal effects. The mirror elements scatter the light and create a sparkling visual effect. The title was picked up from an English translation of an interactive feature that caught my eye.
Material: Outer cube: 6 mm ESG 50x50x50 cm, only inside covered with foils
Inner cube: 8 mm Plexiglas 40x40x40 cm + 30x30x30 cm with foils on both sides
Lighting: LED white as a light source repetitively dimming / light and dark, incl. programming for the light.
© Richard A. Cox design 2015. Execution together with Ross design, Soest.