2008 – Stone Circle

Stone Circle. The traffic roundabout at Heppener-Höhe is positioned in a prominent place with a wide view of the Soester Börde. The design of the roundabout references t examples of prehistoric stone circles in Europe. Eight stone wedges made of Anröchter green sandstone have been erected in a circle on the earth mound of the roundabout. The positioning of the stone blocks is aligned according to the cardinal points, like the figure-eight division of the compass. The eight stone points also refer to the eight-pointed star of the “Sälzer Star” used by the municipality of Bad Sassendorf. Individual lighting of the stone blocks creates an evening atmosphere. ©Richard A. Cox 2008, Concept and design of a traffic roundabout, Heppen/Bad Sassendorf. Anröchter green sandstone, light. Execution Galabau Haarmann, Soest