2008 – Honsel-Nadel

Honsel Needle A sculpture commissioned as a gift for the town of Meschede to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Honsel company in Meschede. This installation is situateded in the town centre of Meschede. The Honsel company represented by the letter H has been taken as a basic design element. The production process used in the manufacture of aluminium castings by the firm of Honsel, mainly in the production of car-parts, has been used as the basis for the concept of the sculpture. From the raw casting from the foundry to the top product for world industry: “innovation through tradition”. The lighting concept, blue light, the Honsel blue that features in their Logo design and corporate identity, is an integral part of the design.
© Richard Cox 2008, design, model construction, completion. Aluminium (sand casting), light (LED + halogen spotlights) moulded concrete seating element, stainless steel, wood, blue basalt. Participating companies: Foundry Anft, Drensteinfurt. Concrete Gödde, Liesborn. Cast in the Honsel factory, Meschede.