2008 – Cycle of nature

Cycle of nature: NRW Agricultural Centre, Haus Düsse, Bad Sassendorf. The fountain is situated on the site of an old chestnut tree. The circular design and dimensions of the fountain are based on the circumference of the trunk and a green sandstone wall surrounding it. The fountain is built up as a round stone column, recycling the original stones of the wall, and it corresponds to the trunk of the chestnut tree. Groundwater from the moat of the old stately house runs down over the stones continuously, like a spring. Vegetative deposits lead to a new mini-ecosystem. The cyclical processes of nature are imitated. Water is a sign of life, a source and origin of new life.
© Richard A. Cox 2008 Concept and design. Fountain made of green sandstone, light (LED), groundwater. Renaturation through randomly occurring plants. Construction Galabau Haarmann, + Elektro Stahl, Soest.