2007 – Three-pillar fountain

Three-pillar fountain As its starting point the fountain takes the three uses to which the building complex has been put since its construction as a hospital in 1908: Hospital, University and Residential Park. The number three as a design element is fundamentally repeated in the philosophy, design and placement of the fountain. The effects of time, light and water on the patina of the material used, bronze, and the constantly changing appearance as a result are components of the artistic considerations. Water rises inside the each prism shaped pillar to flow evenly down the three sides, causing a glaze-like effect. Light is also integrated as a design element; illumination in the dark reflects off the water on each side of the pillars creating a shimmering lantern like presence.
Housing complex at the old city hospital in Soest. ©Atelier Cox 2007, concept and design of the fountain. Welded bronze panels, water, pump technology, basalt stone, LED spotlights. Realisation “Metal-Design Röper”, Elektro Stahl & Galabau Haarmann, Soest.