2001 – Millennium Mamma

Millennium Mamma Figurehead of artistic hope. Heroically facing the dawn, pointing the way to the new millennium. Bearer of hope for cultural reflection, mother of innovation and creativity. A memorial against folly and arrogance. A contribution to the “Wegmarken project II”, 2000/2001 of the Hellweg region. Funded by the Ministry for Urban Development and Housing, Culture and Sport of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.  Erected and aligned facing North East, at an old quarry, the place of the traditional Easter Fire in Wierlauke, Theiningsen-Möhnesee on 1st May 2001. Inaugurated by Pastor Dietrich Woesthoff, blessed by Anne Schulz-Beenken, FHS Soest, christened with a bottle of MM sparkling wine. Guests and pilgrims, offered refreshments of Cox`s apples and water on arrival, enjoyed the sunny day accompanied by music and dance.

Concept & design © Richard A. Cox 2000. Corten steel and stainless steel, 7m high. Completed with the support of: Sculptor Egbert Brörken, Soest University of Applied Sciences, Carl-Heinz Torley Company, Soest. Thanks to Mrs Sabine Böhme-Hengst, who kindly made the property available. Photos kind permission F-J Hense.