2000 – ON OFF

ON OFF The backlit panels “ON” “OFF”, red and green, are switched on and off alternately like a pulse frequency. The red panel is covered with 0 symbols, the green with 1 symbols. The symbols are cut from coloured translucent foil. The construction was a contribution to the “Soestival of colour” in Soest during June 2000. Part of a large mural by 40 artists mounted on the south side of the Petri Church, Soest. The motto took the theme for the EXPO 2000 in Hanover “Man, Nature, Technology”. ©Richard A. Cox, 6’2000,  2 Light objects connected, each 240 x 190 cm. Wood, canvas, acrylic, plexiglass, text, electricity, various power cables, halogen lights with a switching relay. Supported by the company “Elektro Stahl”, Soest. After the Soestival, various other art venues were illuminated, including: EnKunst, Henrichshütte Industrial Museum, Hattingen. Elektrohalle, Maxipark Hamm. Starke Orte, Ruhr 2010. An old air-raid shelter, Herne (art in alternative places), Drüggelte Kunststückchen.